Tolu’ A. Akinyemi (also known as Tolutoludo & Lion of Newcastle) is a multi-award-winning author in the genre of poetry, short story, children’s literature and essays. His works include: Dead Lions Don’t Roar (poetry, 2017), Unravel Your Hidden Gems (essays, 2018), Dead Dogs Don’t Bark (poetry, 2018), Dead Cats Don’t Meow (poetry, 2019), Never Play Games with the Devil (poetry, 2019), Inferno of Silence (short stories, 2020), A Booktiful Love (poetry, 2020), Black ≠ Inferior (poetry, 2021), Never Marry a Writer (poetry, 2021), Everybody Don Kolomental (poetry, 2021), I Wear Self-Confidence Like a Second Skin (children’s literature, 2021), I Am Not a Troublemaker (children’s literature, 2021), Born in Lockdown (poetry, 2021), A god in a human body (poetry, forthcoming – January 2022), City of Lost Memories, (poetry, forthcoming – August 2022), You need more than Dreams (poetry, forthcoming – January 2023) and The Morning Cloud is Empty (poetry, forthcoming – March 2023).

Tolu’ has been endorsed by the Arts Council England as a writer with “exceptional talent”. A former headline act at Great Northern Slam, Havering Literary Festival, Crossing The Tyne Festival, and Feltonbury Arts and Music Festival, he also inspires large audiences through spoken word performances. He has appeared as a keynote speaker in major forums and events and facilitates creative writing master classes to many audiences.


His poems have appeared or forthcoming in the 57th issue (Volume 15, no 1) of the Wilderness House Literary Review, The Writers Cafe Magazine Issue 18, GN Books, Lion and Lilac, Agape Review, Continue the Voice, My Woven Poetry, and elsewhere.


His books are based on a deep reality and often reflect relationships and life and features people he has met in his journey as a writer. His books have inspired many people to improve their performance and/or their circumstances. Tolu’ has taken his poetry to the stage, performing his written word at many events. Through his writing and these performances, he supports business leaders, other aspiring authors, and people of all ages interested in reading and writing. Sales of the books have allowed Tolu’ to donate to charity, allowing him to make a difference where he feels its important, and to show that he lives by the words he puts to page.


He is a co-founder of Lion and Lilac, a UK-based arts organisation and sits on the board of many organisations.


Tolu’ is a financial crime consultant as well as a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMS) with extensive experience working with leading investment banks and consultancy firms.


He is a trained economist from Ekiti State University, formerly known as University of Ado-Ekiti (UNAD).

He sat for his master’s degree in Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, United Kingdom.

Tolu’ was a student ambassador at the University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, representing the university in major forums and engaging with young people during various assignments.


Tolu’ Akinyemi was born in Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria and lives in the United Kingdom. Tolu’ is an ardent supporter of Chelsea Football Club in London.


You can connect with Tolu’ on his various social media accounts:


Instagram: @ToluToludo


    Twitter: @ToluAkinyemi

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