Excerpt for Dead Lions Don’t Roar.

A motivating and inspiring book of poetry should always leave the reader with thoughts about personal development and doses of inspiration … and that is exactly what Dead Lions Don’t Roar does. Whilst the poem entitled the name of the collection speaks volumes about using our gifts and talent and finding our own unique roar, there are a number of other poems that share the essence of the book. Here is a sneak peak of one such poem:

If Men were God

There would be no more us,

Long Dead and buried,

Forgotten with the times,

An atonement for our sins

If men were God….

This poem makes us think about what each of our individual role and purpose is in life, which will then motivate us to achieve…our very best. This is the entire purpose of Dead Lion’s Don’t Roar.

Excerpt for Dead Dogs Don’t Bark

A follow on to the success of Dead Lions Don’t Roar, Dead Dogs Don’t Bark goes one step further. As well as self-motivation, Dead Dogs Don’t Bark digs deep into society, into behavior and into relationships that make existence worthwhile. An  Insight into the true power of the collection rings strong in the following snippet:

Cuddle up to Excellence

Else Mediocrity can catch up with you like a heatwave

Released in full force like a loaf oven baked

The days of long service awards are over

If your dream is to buy a Range Rover

Then you have to embrace excellence

This poem reinforces that it is healthy to have dreams and ambitions but that we must remember to strive for them and not just expect them … not taking things for granted and putting your best foot forward in life encapsulates the resonating theme of Dead Dogs Don’t Bark.

Excerpt for Unravel Your Hidden Gems

Everyone has a Gem and  talent inside of them. Life can stop us finding or realizing the beauty of that. This collection of short essays illuminates possibilities and reminds us of the importance of altering our minds to achieve our best. The author, Tolu' A. Akinyemi, recognises that we all have a current that controls our life:

“Every relationship in your life is a current, moving you towards your dreams or away from them”.

Show me your friend and I will succinctly tell the kind of person you are, show me your mentors and I will tell the direction your life is moving. “Iron sharpens Iron” – your network determines your net worth. True wealth can be calculated in the friends we keep and the relationships we grow.

Powerful stuff and just the start of the resonating observations made in this page turning life manual.

Excerpt for Dead Cats Don't Meow

Dead Cats Don’t Meow is Tolu’s third book of poetry and to the reader, any lover of discerning poetry, it is clear that he has learnt lessons, been on a journey and is constantly learning. The quality and the depth of poetry, hard to believe as it is, has transcended Dead Lions Don’t Roar and Dead Dogs Don’t Bark, with deeper understanding and even more love. The most perfect example of this is the last two stanzas of ‘musings’:


We are day-trippers


In the journey of life

Crisscrossing the universe

Life has taught us lessons

In unimaginable dimensions

The hard-hearted became meek

When life’s storms came calling.


There is no manual to go to bed

Neither is there an anecdote for a bitter person

Than to give them some recipe

From the cookbook of love.

Tolu’, you clearly apply this belief to the life you live, and as you breath it onto the page, you help grow and bring abundance to all those who are lucky enough to read your ‘musings’. Thank you for Dead Cats Don’t Meow.

Excerpt for Never Play Games with the Devil

Hear the poet in a succinct moment of self-adulation, he writes:

“My brain thinks faster than my words can convey.
My mind works magic. Can I live this life forever?”

Divided into three sections, Never Play Games with the Devil showcases a poet, at the height of his powers, exploring several themes in different voices.