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Tolu's first poetry collection, Dead Lions Don't Roar has been selling incredibly quickly. For more information click on the book cover.

Tolu's Third Poetry Collection in The Dead Series (April 2019)


DEAD CATS DON'T MEOW (A Collection of Poetic Wisdom for the Discerning - Series 3)







🏆 2021 - Next Generation Indie Book Awards (Winner)—BEST COVER DESIGN (Fiction).

🏆 2021 - Indie Reader Discovery Awards (Winner)—Short Stories Category.

The first collection of short stories by this multitalented author entwines everyday events that are articulated in excellent storytelling.

The title story “Inferno of Silence” portrays men’s societal challenges and the unspoken truths and burdens that men bear. While “Black lives Matter” shows the firsthand trauma of a man facing racism as a footballer plying his trade in Europe.

This is a broad and very inclusive collection.







Unravel your Hidden Gems is an empowering collection of short Essays. For more information click on the book cover.

Tolu's Fourth Poetry Collection: (August 2019)


Never Play Games with the Devil is a didactic collection of poems with themes spread across pertinent issues of life. Succinctly written and compiled, the poems in this collection draw appeal from the Poet’s ability to maintain a steady flow of thought by giving astute attention to each poem while weaving through a variety of themes.







January 2021 Release: 

Black ≠ Inferior is a collection of poems divided into 2 parts. The first part is a collection of thematically linked poems exploring Blackness and the myriads of discuss it attracts. The second part oscillates themes— talking about consent, a query of death, a celebration of love among others. In his usual stylistic, this collection dealt with weighty matters like race and colourism with simple and clear language.







Tolu's second book of poetry is already proving popular. Covering topics from Tolu's heart and issues that face today's modern society.

🏆 2020 Best Indie Book Award® Poetry Winner!


A Booktiful Love is a collection of poems that deal with the entire human experience in its various forms. Didactically rich, the poems explore ideas like love, relationship, patriotism, marriage, morality and many other ideas pertinent to living.







January 2021 Release: 


For his seventh poetry collection, Tolu' has turned his attention to that old adage -
no one in a writer's life may have secrets.
A vibrant, human exploration of the way in which words and deeds connect all of us, and the tiniest movements which span out across continents.

Tolu' writes powerfully on family, love, loss, and with a scorching curiosity for the world around us. His readers will be familiar with his inimitable style, and this latest collection does not disappoint.







Hope is Not Far Away…


Everybody Don Kolomental is a collection of poems that deal with everyday universal struggles.


Tolu’ peddles hope to the lost and hopeless and pulls at the emotional strings of the heart in this collection of heartfelt poems. The collection mirrors life through the eyes of a deep-thinker and wordsmith.






Matilda has been battling her fears at home and in school.

Will she be able to build her self-confidence or will she crumble under the weight of her fears?


Chadwick has just joined a new school, and he is stung by the label of troublemaker.

Will the label stick, or will he get the chance to come clean?




Stuck at home in the loud silence inflicted by a lockdown, where does the poet turn to? What does he turn to? His inner world?


Tolu’ Akinyemi’s Born in Lockdown is a collection of poetry birthed in such a traverse. The poems explore the pandemic and lockdown, and the myriad feelings, effects and reactions it birthed.




Release Date: (January 1 2022)

Tolu’ A. Akinyemi is a philosopher-poet and a deep thinker, and his journey into the realm of the spiritual would leave readers in awe.


A god in a human body is Tolu’ A. Akinyemi’s ninth poetry collection.


This collection is a meditation on the fleeting nature of human life. A god in a human body explores themes of spirituality, divinity and the enormous power that we possess while we traverse this earthly passage.




In 'City of Lost Memories', memory is a theme that keeps recurring on every page. What is memory? Is memory static, or is it in a constant state of flux? This is the concept the poems strive to explore. The poet reaches to the past as he remembers to create a present that will be remembered.

In 'City of Lost Memories', memory is many things. It is a burden and a treasure; it haunts and it brings excitement.

‘You Need More Than Dreams’ is a collection of didactic and instructive poems targeted at youths and teenagers.

The teenage and youthful years are decisive years of one’s life, being formative. Whatever habits, choices, and decisions one makes in those years have a way of directing the course of one’s life, and their impact can be lasting.

It is for this reason that the poet has written instructive poems to help teenagers navigate this sensitive time of their lives.

Voyage is a book of poems that explores the voyage of love and life in the context of true love, heartbreak, loss, and many other facets of love.

Tolu's Latest Picture Book Release: (July 2022)

Mum wants Angie and Abby to be kind children. “If you have to be anything, be kind,” she always tells them. She encourages them to set healthy boundaries and to reflect to others the kindness they want for themselves.

But, when faced with bullies at school, will they remember Mum’s lessons, or will they become bullies, too?

An object will remain in a state of inertia until acted upon by an external force. This is what 'Awaken Your Inner Lion' is: it's a call for us to rouse the lion within us; to stir from our state of passiveness and take the reins of our lives.


In this poignant and reflective book, Tolu Akinyemi writes about vital touchpoints in life. It's a book that gives clarity to those in search of it, and courage to those who're scared of launching into the unknown.


Drawing from his own life, he not only motivates, but imparts principles that can help one make the most of life.

'The Morning Cloud is Empty' is an exploration of the inner world of man, the emotion, and the heart.

The poet laid bare his varying musings with sharp and deliberate words; lines peppered with poetic riches.


The themes explored by the poems in this collection are many, but one thing ties them together; and that's the poet’s intuitive ability to vividly dissect each idea.

‘On The Train To Hell’ is a collection of poems that explores themes of sadness and grief; the turbulence of life and death, and love and loss.

Architects of a Cleaner Financial Systemis a collection of poems that x-rays inherent risks within financial crime compliance and shows how we can mitigate them.

The poet addresses subjects such as Compliance Programs; Know Your Customer, Sanctions; Anti-Money Laundering; Due Diligence; Politically Exposed Persons; Risk Assessments; Screening; and many other topics.