Author Statement

As a writer, my goal remains unchanged, to inspire as many people as possible through my writings to always strive for the best. I infused my poetry collections with humor, wit and doses of inspiration to a great extent in the collection of poetic wisdom for the Discerning series which includes Dead Lions Don’t Roar, Dead Dogs Don’t Bark and Dead Cats Don’t Meow.

As a Poet and Creative, my works thrive on originality and its ability to wake up the lethargic in spirit. In Unravel your Hidden Gems, I provided practical steps to help people fast-track their growth in all areas of life and in my poetry collection ‘Never Play Games with the Devil’ I address societal ills without fear and varied themes on love and Personal Growth makes the collection a classic.

“A Booktiful Love” my award-winning poetry collection emphasises the importance for writers to amplify their voices and write to make things right. I love to experiment, hence my foray into storytelling with my highly acclaimed collection of short stories “Inferno of Silence”. I hope these stories give people the courage to live their truth. January 2021 releases, “Black ≠ Inferior” is my legacy work to the black community and in “Never Marry a Writer”, I weaved webs of words writing powerfully on family, love, and loss, with a scorching curiosity for the world.

My forthcoming coming releases “Everybody Don Kolomental” is dedicated to everyone dealing with mental health struggles and “a god in a human body” explores themes of spirituality, divinity and the enormous power that we possess while we traverse this earthly passage.

My works find their roots in Nigerian culture and heritage. I view writing as therapeutic and the only way I can escape from the chaos that clouds my sanity.