Author Statement

As a writer, my goal remains unchanged: to inspire as many people as possible, through my writings, to always strive for the best. I infused my poetry collections with humor, wit, and doses of inspiration (to a great extent) in collecting poetic wisdom for the discerning series which includes ‘Dead Lions Don’t Roar,’ ‘Dead Dogs Don’t Bark,’ and ‘Dead Cats Don’t Meow.’

As a poet and creative writer, my works thrive on originality and the ability to wake up the lethargic with spirit. In ‘Unravel your Hidden Gems,’ I provided practical steps to help people fast-track their growth in all areas of life; and in my poetry collection ‘Never Play Games with the Devil’, I address societal ills without fear, while varied themes on love and personal growth makes the collection a classic.

‘A Booktiful Love’, my award-winning poetry collection, emphasises the mission of writers to amplify their voices and write, to make things right. I love to experiment—hence my foray into storytelling, with my multi-award-winning collection of short stories, ‘Inferno of Silence’. I hope these stories give people the courage to live their truths. The January 2021 release ‘Black ≠ Inferior’ is my legacy work to the black community; and in ‘Never Marry a Writer’, I weaved webs of words, writing powerfully on family, love, and loss, with a scorching curiosity, for the world.

‘Everybody Don Kolomental’ is dedicated to everyone dealing with mental health and universal everyday struggles.
Two children’s literature pieces, ‘I Am Not a Troublemaker’ and ‘I Wear Self-Confidence Like a Second Skin’, were written to boost the self-confidence and self-esteem of young children.

‘Born in Lockdown’, my acclaimed collection of coronavirus poems, is a poet’s account of the coronavirus pandemic written for this generation and many thereafter.
My forthcoming title ‘A God in a Human Body’ explores themes of spirituality, divinity, and the enormous power that we possess while we traverse this earthly passage; while ‘You Need More Than Dreams’ is a poetry collection written for young people to arm them with the mantra that “they need more than dreams, to make their dreams come true.”

My works find their roots in Nigerian culture and heritage. I view writing as therapeutic, and the only way I can escape from the chaos that clouds my sanity.