Everybody Don Kolomental

Hope is Not Far Away…


Everybody Don Kolomental is a collection of poems that deal with everyday universal struggles.


Tolu’ peddles hope to the lost and hopeless and pulls at the emotional strings of the heart in this collection of heartfelt poems.

The collection mirrors life through the eyes of a deep-thinker and wordsmith.


Poet Tolu’ A. Akinyemi knows the gravity of mental health struggles and uses his words as a soothing balm to heal readers of this collection.


In the poem titled ‘Hope is not Far Away’, he writes:


“Who will tell Okikiola that hope is not far away? 

                 Its ship docked in the home of Akinyele

before his candle was blown out

and his flailing dreams were a shipwreck.


Who will tell Okikiola this is not the last straw?

         These wind gusts would give way for the calming sea.”


Whether you’re in need of calm after the storm, therapy, healing, or to view everyday struggles from the lens of a veteran poet, this collection is for you.