Please visit this page regularly, as it will be updated with all of Tolu's upcoming events!

Tolu's previous events have included:

Heritage TV
All 4 Book Launch dates.
DCDM London Invite
DCDM Lagos Invite
Lagos Poetrython 1
Lagos Poetrython 3
DCDM Newcastle Invite
DCDM Manchester Invite
Arthut 1
Arthut 2
Emerge Conference 2020
The Black Books Webinar - Jan 2021
Next 400 Conclave
MSC July 17
The Black Books Webinar - Jul 2021
Witty Writer's World (1)
Witty Writer's World (2)
The Black Books Webinar - Aug 2021
The Black Books Webinar - Sep 2021
National Poetry Day - Event
Born Lippy 01
HBS Black Alumni
Prolific Writers Academy
Original Size Flyer
Havering Literary Festival TA
Havering Literary Festival - Original
Havering Literary Festival 1
The Black Books Webinar Nov. 2021
January Original Size Flyer
February Original Size Flyer
Black Books Show March Original Size Flyer
Black Books Show April - Original Size Flyer
May Original Flyer
TRl Flyer 1
July 2022
Validating Art Square
August 2022
Book Launch - Flyer (1)
LL Flyer Square
October 2022
December 2022
Morning Rave
Black Books Show February Instagram Size Flyer
Clevenard TV
The Stanza 01
Poetry Jam 01
Tolu' A. Tours 1
FLyer 1
Celebrating Black Stories